What Does LOL Mean

LOL! ROFL! BRB! If these do not seem familiar, perhaps it is time to update yourself on the current lingo of the internet. The internet has provided a whole new way of understanding and extracting information, and at the same time has also created a new language of its own. A language that is based on acronyms and efficiency. One of the most famous phrases on the internet and perhaps one of the oldest of the acronym "LOL" means laugh of loud. This is generally used during chat room experiences with others, or even on blogs and twitter feeds. This famous acronym cannot be attributed to one specific individual, but rather a generation as a whole. As the frequency of internet chatting become more prevalent so did the usage of LOL.

LOL is often seen as one of the most influential acronyms of the internet generation. It has given way to other various forms of internet acronyms, all of which have one common goal and that is to create added efficiency, in order to create a more fluent feel to speaking over the internet. LOL meaning to laugh out loud has given rise to many different acronyms some of much more complex nature, and overall in itself has given rise to the internet language, which is often criticized as the young and new generation of speaking that is set on the notions of being lazy.