The Meaning of Love

What does it mean to be in love? We have all in one time or another been asked or asked this strikingly popular question. We have attempted to analyze, and understand the concept of love, but for many if not all of us, it is a concept that can only be understood internally. There are of course various guides and books written by so called "professors of love" to help individuals understand the base concept of love. However, most will collectively come together to focally point out the most of obvious, that love is a feeling of deep connection between two individuals both physically and mentally, in which case helps create a feeling of cohesion, which can flourish and grow into a deep infatuation, one that is often perpetuated and compounded by a deep understanding of one's self and mate.

Love is a complex and difficult concept to understand, as most will say that only a very few select individuals will understand and experience this somewhat invisible concept of love. As for most, it is best understood by forms of poetry, writings, or movies. But are all of these various forms of notary actual accountable forms of describing love? We have no actual way of knowing, this being because we have no absolute definition of love, but rather just an abstract concept that is interpreted and understood by everyone differently depending on age, geographic location, culture, and generation. Therefore, often the best advice about love, and whether you are in it or not, is only understood by you, as you are the only one that can feel these abstract feelings and then decide what they are for yourself.