Symbolic Gifts

When attempting to figure out what you should buy for that best friend, family member, or special someone, it is important to know that the gift you choose to give them should represent not solely attempt to fill in a materialistic void, but rather a should fulfill them on a spiritual and personal level as well. A great way to ensure that your gift is meaningful and exploits your true feelings is to give a symbolic gift, one that symbolizes a special aspect about your friendship or relationship, and furthermore provides a sense of unity between you and your companion. Symbolic gifts do not necessarily have to be expensive, as some can be home made, or be bought for less than five dollars. However, the point of a symbolic gift is not the money, but rather the thought that goes into purchasing or crafting such a meaningful gift that can be enjoyed by a truly inspirational friend or family member.

There are a multitude of characteristics that pertain to a symbolic gift. As some gifts can be more personalized to idolize a specific trait about the individual, such as if the person enjoys the company of a pet or another animal, there are an array of gifts to showcase your keen eye for noticing and taking into consideration their unique and heartwarming qualities. Considering that symbolic gifts are not a very normal concept to many people, sometimes the best way to ease an individual into this abstract idea is to provide a symbolic piece of jewelry such as a Celtic pendent, virtue bracelets, or a prayer box necklace. As these items may seem at first to be materialistic, make sure to emphasize the importance of its symbolic meaning as well as its purpose to strengthen your friendship. Perhaps the individual is going through a difficult time, and is in need of great comfort and guidance. Symbolic gifts are a great way to present a new way to rejuvenate their appreciation for life through symbolic sentimental gift such as blessing bowls, tear bottles, or a personalized journal for them to write in during a problematic time.

Symbolic gifts are a great way to incorporate your strong sense of appreciation to a friend, but at the same time accentuate your friendship through both an emotional and spiritual journey. Symbolic gifts are gifts that are given from the mind, body, and soul. Therefore, it is imperative that the gift you choose to give accurately represents all three.