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Living Arts Originals features a wide variety of articles on all types of symbols and their meanings. The types of symbols that Living Arts Originals focuses on include flowers, animals, colors, nature, color, sacred, and many more.

State Symbols

The symbolism of the United States is well-known. Stars and stripes and the bald eagle are a large part of American symbolism. Symbolism on a state level is sometimes less well-known. Each state has unique symbols that represent a special part of the state's history, struggle or achievement. Below are a list of state symbols and a brief look into their meaning.

1. Alabama

* Crimson Cross - represents Alabama's connection with the confederate flag in the Civil War

2. Alaska

* The Color Blue - symbolizes Alaska's sky, sea, mountain lakes and wildflowers.

* Ursa Minor (constellation) - signifies Alaska's strength

3. Arizona

* Copper Star - symbolizes Arizona's status as the largest producer of copper in the United States

* Red and Yellow - color of Spanish conquistadors that explored Arizona

4. Arkansas

* Diamond - represents that Arkansas was the first diamond producing state in the United States

5. California

* Grizzly Bear - symbolizes strength

6. Colorado

* Blue and white in flag - signifies the sky and snow of Colorado

* Yellow and red - represents the gold and soil

7. Connecticut

* Three grapevines - the original three settlements of the state

8. Delaware

* Citizen soldier - symbolizes the maintaining of the country's liberties

* Coat of arms - symbolizes agricultural industry and commerce

9. Florida

* Sunshine - represents Florida's mild weather and their nickname as the Sunshine state

10. Georgia

* 13 stars - represents Georgia's status as one of the 13 original colonies

11. Hawaii

* Union Jack - represents Hawaii's historical connection with Britain

* 8 stripes of flag - represents the 8 islands of Hawaii

12. Idaho

* Miner - represents the state's mining and mineral wealth

* An elk - symbolizes Idaho's wildlife

13. Illinois

* Eagle and Shield - represents Illinois's connection to the history of the United States

14. Indiana

* Torch and Flames - symbolizes liberty and enlightenment and the flames represent far-reaching influence

15. Iowa

* Blue, White and Red flag - represents Iowa's French ties.

16. Kansas

* steamship - represents Kansas's history of commerce

* 34 stars - represents Kansas being the 34th state in the union

17. Kentucky

* Pioneer and statesmen shaking hands - Represents the unity of all the different kinds of people in the state.

18. Louisiana

* A mother brown pelican - represents self-sacrifice

19. Maine

* White Pine tree - represents the states timber industry and state tree

* A sailor - represents connection with the sea and commerce

* Farmer - represents Maine's agriculture

20. Maryland

* George Calvert's Coat of Arms - represents the first Lord of Baltimore

21. Massachusetts

* Native Algonquin American - represents the state's history and peaceful intent

22. Michigan

* Coat of Arms - represents the states readiness to defend the nation

* Eagle holding olive branch - signifies Michigan's loyalty to the Union and its desire for peace

23. Minnesota

* Plough - symbolizes the agricultural history of the state

* Mississippi River - signifies water transportation and commerce

* Rree stump - represents Minnesota's timber industry

24. Mississippi

* Confederate battle flag - represents the history as a state that seceded prior to the civil war.

* White tailed deer - one of the most common animals present in the forests and nature of Mississippi

25. Missouri

* Grizzly Bears - represents the state's strength

* Crescent moon - symbolizes Missouri's journey to becoming a new state

26. Montana

* Shovel, pick and plough - represents the state's agricultural and mineral wealth (gold and silver)

27. Nebraska

* A Settler's cabin and wheat - represents agriculture

* Blacksmith - symbolize industry

* Steamboat and train - symbolizes the transportation industry

28. Nevada

* Sagebrush - national state flower

* Five pointed silver star - came to represent the mineral wealth of the state

29. New Hampshire

* Raleigh (name of warship) - represents the states shipbuilding in early America

* Granite rocks - symbolic of the state's nickname and more importantly the character of the people of New Hampshire.

30. New Jersey

* Three ploughs - symbolize New Jersey as the third state in the union and the agricultural history of the state

* Liberty and Ceres (goddesses) - symbolize freedom and agricultural abundance.

31. New Mexico

* Red and Yellow - colors of the Spanish conquistadors who first explored New Mexico

* Zia - an ancient sun symbol of native populations. This symbol, with four appendages represents the seasons, the cycle of the day, and the cycle of life.

32. New York

* Sailing ships - represent commerce along the Hudson river

* Liberty and Justice (goddess) - Represent the rise of America and detachment from British rule.

33. North Carolina

* White star - represents their status as one of the 13 original colonies

34. North Dakota

* Eagle with olive branches and arrows - symbolize the power of peace at war.

35. Ohio

* Blue Triangle - symbolizes the states hills and valleys

* Red stripes - represent the states waterway.

36. Oklahoma

* Feathers and crosses - symbolize the high ideals of the state

* Native American peace pipe - symbolize the state's nature to strive for peace.

37. Oregon

* Wheat and a Pickaxe - represents the state's resources of agriculture and minerals.

* Beavers - represents the vast amount of nature in the state of Oregon.

38. Pennsylvania

* Olive Branch and cornstalk - symbolize a desire for both peace and prosperity

* A ship and plough - represent commerce and agriculture; two prominent industries key to Pennsylvania's early success.

39. Rhode Island

* White and Blue Anchor - traced back to the states colors in the American Revolution and the state's connection with the ocean and maritime industries.

40. South Carolina

* Palmetto tree - symbol of victory and use of these trees to build protective forts in early American history.

41. South Dakota

* Farmer, smelter, trees and steamship - symbolize South Dakota's various industries; agriculture, manufacturing, mining, timber and commerce.

42. Tennessee

* Three stars - symbolize three different geographical areas of Tennessee: the lowlands; the highlands and the mountain region.

* Stars inside of a circle - represent indivisible unit.

43. Texas

* A single star - symbolizes Texas's stance as the "lone star state," which is both the state's nickname and a key part of its history.

44. Utah

* Beehive - connection to the state's nickname and a symbol of hard work and industry.

* Sego lily - a symbol of peace and the state's flower

45. Vermont

* Cow and wheat - symbolize agriculture

* Pine tree - represents a common tree of New England, but also connects to the Batter of Plattsburg in 1814, where Vermont soldiers fought valiantly.

46. Virginia

* Virtus (goddess) - symbolizes the fighting nature of Virginia

47. Washington

* George Washington - Nation's first president and the historical figure that the state was named after.

* Green - color of the state flag and representation of the state's nature.

48. West Virginia

* Miner and farmer - symbolizes the agriculture and industry of the state.

* A rock - represents strength and stability.

* Two rifles - represents West Virginia's effort in fighting for the freedom of the United States.

49. Wisconsin

* Plough, pick, shovel, hammer and anchor- represents agriculture, mining, manufacturing and navigation.

50. Wyoming

* Bison - represents the state's animal and the tradition of livestock and branding

* Women holding an equal rights banner - symbolizes Wyoming's status as the first state to give women the right to vote.

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