State Symbols

The symbolism of the United States is well-known. Stars and stripes and the bald eagle are a large part of American symbolism. Symbolism on a state level is sometimes less well-known. Each state has unique symbols that represent a special part of the state's history, struggle or achievement. Below are a list of state symbols and a brief look into their meaning.

1. Alabama

* Crimson Cross - represents Alabama's connection with the confederate flag in the Civil War

2. Alaska

* The Color Blue - symbolizes Alaska's sky, sea, mountain lakes and wildflowers.

* Ursa Minor (constellation) - signifies Alaska's strength

3. Arizona

* Copper Star - symbolizes Arizona's status as the largest producer of copper in the United States

* Red and Yellow - color of Spanish conquistadors that explored Arizona

4. Arkansas

* Diamond - represents that Arkansas was the first diamond producing state in the United States

5. California

* Grizzly Bear - symbolizes strength

6. Colorado

* Blue and white in flag - signifies the sky and snow of Colorado

* Yellow and red - represents the gold and soil

7. Connecticut

* Three grapevines - the original three settlements of the state

8. Delaware

* Citizen soldier - symbolizes the maintaining of the country's liberties

* Coat of arms - symbolizes agricultural industry and commerce

9. Florida

* Sunshine - represents Florida's mild weather and their nickname as the Sunshine state

10. Georgia

* 13 stars - represents Georgia's status as one of the 13 original colonies

11. Hawaii

* Union Jack - represents Hawaii's historical connection with Britain

* 8 stripes of flag - represents the 8 islands of Hawaii

12. Idaho

* Miner - represents the state's mining and mineral wealth

* An elk - symbolizes Idaho's wildlife

13. Illinois

* Eagle and Shield - represents Illinois's connection to the history of the United States

14. Indiana

* Torch and Flames - symbolizes liberty and enlightenment and the flames represent far-reaching influence

15. Iowa

* Blue, White and Red flag - represents Iowa's French ties.

16. Kansas

* steamship - represents Kansas's history of commerce

* 34 stars - represents Kansas being the 34th state in the union

17. Kentucky

* Pioneer and statesmen shaking hands - Represents the unity of all the different kinds of people in the state.

18. Louisiana

* A mother brown pelican - represents self-sacrifice

19. Maine

* White Pine tree - represents the states timber industry and state tree

* A sailor - represents connection with the sea and commerce

* Farmer - represents Maine's agriculture

20. Maryland

* George Calvert's Coat of Arms - represents the first Lord of Baltimore

21. Massachusetts

* Native Algonquin American - represents the state's history and peaceful intent

22. Michigan

* Coat of Arms - represents the states readiness to defend the nation

* Eagle holding olive branch - signifies Michigan's loyalty to the Union and its desire for peace

23. Minnesota

* Plough - symbolizes the agricultural history of the state

* Mississippi River - signifies water transportation and commerce

* Rree stump - represents Minnesota's timber industry

24. Mississippi

* Confederate battle flag - represents the history as a state that seceded prior to the civil war.

* White tailed deer - one of the most common animals present in the forests and nature of Mississippi

25. Missouri

* Grizzly Bears - represents the state's strength

* Crescent moon - symbolizes Missouri's journey to becoming a new state

26. Montana

* Shovel, pick and plough - represents the state's agricultural and mineral wealth (gold and silver)

27. Nebraska

* A Settler's cabin and wheat - represents agriculture

* Blacksmith - symbolize industry

* Steamboat and train - symbolizes the transportation industry

28. Nevada

* Sagebrush - national state flower

* Five pointed silver star - came to represent the mineral wealth of the state

29. New Hampshire

* Raleigh (name of warship) - represents the states shipbuilding in early America

* Granite rocks - symbolic of the state's nickname and more importantly the character of the people of New Hampshire.

30. New Jersey

* Three ploughs - symbolize New Jersey as the third state in the union and the agricultural history of the state

* Liberty and Ceres (goddesses) - symbolize freedom and agricultural abundance.

31. New Mexico

* Red and Yellow - colors of the Spanish conquistadors who first explored New Mexico

* Zia - an ancient sun symbol of native populations. This symbol, with four appendages represents the seasons, the cycle of the day, and the cycle of life.

32. New York

* Sailing ships - represent commerce along the Hudson river

* Liberty and Justice (goddess) - Represent the rise of America and detachment from British rule.

33. North Carolina

* White star - represents their status as one of the 13 original colonies

34. North Dakota

* Eagle with olive branches and arrows - symbolize the power of peace at war.

35. Ohio

* Blue Triangle - symbolizes the states hills and valleys

* Red stripes - represent the states waterway.

36. Oklahoma

* Feathers and crosses - symbolize the high ideals of the state

* Native American peace pipe - symbolize the state's nature to strive for peace.

37. Oregon

* Wheat and a Pickaxe - represents the state's resources of agriculture and minerals.

* Beavers - represents the vast amount of nature in the state of Oregon.

38. Pennsylvania

* Olive Branch and cornstalk - symbolize a desire for both peace and prosperity

* A ship and plough - represent commerce and agriculture; two prominent industries key to Pennsylvania's early success.

39. Rhode Island

* White and Blue Anchor - traced back to the states colors in the American Revolution and the state's connection with the ocean and maritime industries.

40. South Carolina

* Palmetto tree - symbol of victory and use of these trees to build protective forts in early American history.

41. South Dakota

* Farmer, smelter, trees and steamship - symbolize South Dakota's various industries; agriculture, manufacturing, mining, timber and commerce.

42. Tennessee

* Three stars - symbolize three different geographical areas of Tennessee: the lowlands; the highlands and the mountain region.

* Stars inside of a circle - represent indivisible unit.

43. Texas

* A single star - symbolizes Texas's stance as the "lone star state," which is both the state's nickname and a key part of its history.

44. Utah

* Beehive - connection to the state's nickname and a symbol of hard work and industry.

* Sego lily - a symbol of peace and the state's flower

45. Vermont

* Cow and wheat - symbolize agriculture

* Pine tree - represents a common tree of New England, but also connects to the Batter of Plattsburg in 1814, where Vermont soldiers fought valiantly.

46. Virginia

* Virtus (goddess) - symbolizes the fighting nature of Virginia

47. Washington

* George Washington - Nation's first president and the historical figure that the state was named after.

* Green - color of the state flag and representation of the state's nature.

48. West Virginia

* Miner and farmer - symbolizes the agriculture and industry of the state.

* A rock - represents strength and stability.

* Two rifles - represents West Virginia's effort in fighting for the freedom of the United States.

49. Wisconsin

* Plough, pick, shovel, hammer and anchor- represents agriculture, mining, manufacturing and navigation.

50. Wyoming

* Bison - represents the state's animal and the tradition of livestock and branding

* Women holding an equal rights banner - symbolizes Wyoming's status as the first state to give women the right to vote.