Star Symbols

The star is one of the most commonly used symbols across the world. The star is usually illustrated in five points, six points or as many as twelve, but regardless of the number of points, stars represent a great deal more than the astronomical body that they were based on. There has been a great interest and connection with stars throughout human history, and for that reason it started to be associated with greater meaning. Star symbols come in many different forms and can be seen in many different locations. Some of the most popular places for the use of star symbols are in country/state flags, religious symbols and revolutionary symbols. The star symbol varies between the different ideologies around the world, as to some it represents a religious purpose and as to others symbolizes strength and unity. The star symbolizes different systems of beliefs and cultures, some of the most prominent and well-known places stars are placed are on flags to demonstrate their ideology or common set of beliefs. The star has been around since the beginning of many cultures and countries, but was first utilized as a symbol for a country in 1777, when the United States declared independence from Britain. As of present day, the star symbol is on over 30 countries flags, and furthermore to many of the countries is celebrated as one of the most sacred and holistic symbols known.

Below are some popular star symbols and their meanings:

American Flag Stars - Each star in the American flag symbolizes a state in the union. The 50 stars represent the 50 States.

Australian Flag Stars - It consists of 5 small stars and 1 large star. The 5 smaller stars on the Australian flag represent the constellation, the Southern Cross. The Southern Cross is visible in the Southern Hemisphere and Australia, therefore relating to Australia's geographic position. The large star on the flag, on the other hand, represents the federation of all the Australian states and territories. The large star contains 7 points which represents one for each of the original states of the commonwealth of Australia and in addition one for the Northern Territory and Australian Capital Territory. This large star is often known as the Commonwealth Star or the Star of Federation.

Star of David - This star is a six pointed star used in the Jewish Faith. It has come to represent Jewish community and people, in a similar nature of the cross to Christians.

Communist Star (Red Star) - This five pointed star is a representation of communism. It is said to represent the five fingers of the proletariat's hands, along with the five continents. Some argue that it also represented the five different groups that would be responsible for a revolution: the youth, military, industrial workers, peasants and intelligentsia.

Upside-down Star - An upside down five pointed star is a symbolism of Satanism.

Star of Life - It is a blue, six pointed star used by Emergency rescue personnel. It represents the six main objectives of rescuers. This includes detection, reporting, response, on the scene care, care in transit and transfer to definitive care.

The symbol of the star holds a multitude of meanings, as to some countries it represents unity, and to some strength. Mostly the star is a symbol that commemorates the independence and cultural values of a country. The star symbol has been around for thousands of years, and is deeply integrated into the various ideologies and beliefs that are prevalent within the world today.