Numerology Meanings

Numerology is a complex system and method for understanding words, beliefs, and traditions by using numbers, as they seem to create some form of conceptual relationship. This conceptual relationship with numbers can form relations with all sorts of various things such as physical objects or even actual living things. Although this sounds completely unusual and strange to most individuals and scientists today, this was a primary way of formulating thought and connecting them with meaning. Early mathematicians such as Pythagoras and St. Augustine of Hippo, believed that this concept of numerology was anything but pseudomathmatical, but actually an appropriate way to determine and draw meaning to things using numbers.

Numerology has different methods depending on the geographic location, culture, time period, and individual. There is a set rubric of understanding the base numbers which in conjunction formulate words and meanings. As the number one means aggressor and the number six means relaxation and calmness, there are a multitude of meanings depending on the method of numerology chosen to be used. There is a Chinese way of numerology which has deep roots in healing properties which is currently tied to present day acupuncture. There is also the idea of numerology in astrology, as these two have a surprisingly high correlation in meaning and interpretations of abstract concepts. In popular culture, numerology has gotten little recognition, which could possibly be attributed to its dissipating numbers of followers as well as its lack of substantial scientific reasoning. However, it has been seen in movies such as the movie The Number 23, and TV sitcom I Love Lucy.