Mythical Birds

Throughout centuries various cultures, countries, and geographic regions of the world have given much light to the belief in mythical creatures that hold special abilities or powers. These animals range in a multitude of species, as some may be bears, tigers, or even cryptids. The belief of mythical animals was very prominent during the early times of the world. However, mythical birds were often celebrated by many cultures as the most powerful type of mythical creature as it has the ability to soar high above the sky with its fluorescent and colorful wings that can save the people, provide certain elements of weather, or even act as a symbol of religious affiliation. Mythical birds have been around since the times of the great and powerful Egyptians, noble Native Americans, and the technologically savvy Mesopotamians. There are many mythical birds each corresponding to a different culture, furthermore, each having their own special characteristic that is prevalent in order to provide for their people.

Although in modern society, we know these mythical birds are fictitious, to the society at the time, they were not a force to be reckoned with. This generalization is often made through the various stories and pictures, as these mythical birds were depicted to weld great power, and furthermore sometimes the existence of the civilization. One of the more famous and well-known mythical birds is the Phoenix. As the bird was first mentioned in 170 AD, transcended to many different cultures around the world, however, its feature of being an extremely large bird with luminous colorful red and orange flames emerging from its body stayed the same. Its apparent power lay in its flaming coat, as it has the ability to turn anything it wishes into ashes. Other mythical birds such as Ziz, do not interact directly with the human world. Ziz which originated from early Hebrew mythology was known as the protector of the birds. Ziz being depicted as the size of leviathans, stood tall, as it its gryphon like body was perched over clouds watching its fellow family and friends. Surprisingly, these mythical birds only get bigger, the Gandaberunda, depicted as a giant pigeon, was apparently so large that it could be seen anytime you looked in the sky.

Mythical birds are fascinating mythological subject, as they were seen by societies as the saviors, caretakers, and powerful figures that had the ability to do anything at anytime. It is often sought that these mythical birds held more than a story telling value, but often times were worshipped amongst the gods.