Mythical Beasts

The study of ancient Greek mythology is one of lore, creation, love, division, and strength. As the ancient Greek societies were deeply infatuated with the world around, below, and above them, the people of ancient Greece also showed great interest within their mythology for beasts. As the mythological beasts held strong religious, cultural, and artistic value, many believed that these mythological beasts roamed the earth, and were sent by the gods to complete their doings that were too miniscule for them to handle themselves. Some of these creatures were half human, some were creatures that lay low below the sea, or soared through the sky with their giant flaming wings. The subject of Greek mythological beasts is quite a vast one, as there are many different types of these creatures, all of which hold some sort of special characteristics, trait, ability, or significance.

Although there are various mythical beasts present within Greek mythology, most these creatures are just not that mythological. They are unfortunately fairy tales and furthermore ancient lore that were used as tales of entertainment. However, that does not go to say that these mythical beasts did not have certain characteristics of actual animals. Some various examples of mythical beasts are the Centaurs, in which they were half horse half men creatures, with a horse's body and feet, but with the torso of a man or the great Cyclops, who was a giant one-eyed primordial man who fought Hercules, son of Zeus. Probably one of the most famous mythical beasts was gorgon, or formerly known as Medusa. Her long locks of poisonous snakes, and beautiful yet literally stone gazing eyes were all part of her evil persona, a single glance into her eyes could turn anyone into stone forever. Another famous mythical beast is the Hydra, which is a very odd looking creature. Giant in stature, and consisting of anywhere between 3 to 12 heads each with a different capability, but the middle head being the strongest as many thought they were invincible.

Greek mythology has quite a bit to offer to us in a present and hyper realistic society, as the mythology allows us to soar into a different mindset, even if it is just for a few moments. The study of Greek mythology is still present in modern society, as it makes appearances in books, stories, movies, and even popular culture. Greek mythology and the creatures it presents to us are surely here to stay.