Mythical Animals

Dracula, werewolves, reptile men, and mummies are often associated with fantasy, hoaxes, and pranks, however, there are some animals that are still according to some that are luring around certain areas, or hiding in caves to avoid coming into contact with us humans. The study of Cryptozoology, if broken down into the root meaning of the word, is defined as hiding creatures. The study of Cryptozoology is best described as the study of animals that may or may not be alive or real. Often times in the study of Cryptozoology, the creatures that are being studied are called cryptids, as these animals or the study is not a part of zoology, but rather a pseudoscience that is heavily reliant on stories and sightings rather than actual hard evidence and facts. These cryptids are apparently sighted in many parts of the world, as some are creatures of the deep blue sea, lurkers and scavengers of the dark and weary night, or hominoid looking creatures that are bipedal that reside in mountains or caves. Mythical animals and the study of Cryptozoology is not for one who wishes to only obtain and base their perspective on cash cold evidence, but rather someone who questions the bubble of which we may live in.

Some of the most famous mythical animals have recordings, sightings, or survivors that are capable of telling the story, while others are based on lore and tales of the elders. To say which of the mythical animals is the most famous would be difficult, but some of the more popular ones are Sasquatch, chupacabras, and trunko. Sasquatch who is believed to reside in North America, is one of the few cryptids to have been photographed and taken pictures of, as he stands about 7 to 8 feet tall, and is fully covered in hair. Chupacabras, which are generally believed to be located in southern and central America, are apparently half dog half demon, and are notorious for killing local farm pets with their razor sharp blood sucking teeth. Generally they are seen only lurking at night, and are hairless with giant deep dark red eyes. And perhaps one of the more abstract yet very popular cryptids is Trunko. Trunko who was seen in Margate, South Africa on October 25, 1924, was an unusual creature who had a trunk similar to that of an elephant, fur like a giant polar bear, yet the capability to swim like a whale. The cryptid was washed up on shore for 10 days, unfortunately only four pictures were ever taken, of which barely are able to show what the true Trunko could have looked like.