Meaningful Gifts

Some gifts can be of little significance. A pair of socks or an oven mitt does not really communicate a great deal to the gift's receiver; theses gifts are straightforward and should be taken at face value. Fortunately, the meaning behind some gifts is more profound than this. Through symbolism and deeper meanings, some gifts can have much more value than their price in dollars. The right gift can be a way of telling someone that you have strong feelings for them, value friendship or a variety of other things. By engaging some of the different symbols associated with different gifts, it can be understood how truly meaningful a gift can be.

One of the most meaningful gifts is pieces of jewelry; they have a wide range of meanings. A necklace can be a very meaningful gift. A necklace represents a strong connection between two people, and a willingness to strengthen this relationship. Necklaces can be very straight forward proclamations of love, sometimes being accompanied with a heart shape pendant at the end or another symbol of love. Necklaces can also relate to something you know very well about a person, such as their favorite animal or their heritage. A necklace with a picture holding locket can represent that you always want to symbolically be with a person, or that you don't want them to ever forget you. Bracelets are another example of meaningful gifts that can be worn. A popular form of this gift is the charm bracelet. It is meaningful because it is intended to give the wearer good luck, in addition to the ability to add different charms to the bracelet, which can symbolize a collection of memories. A ring can be the most meaningful of gifts in the right context. A ring can symbolize a want for eternal love. It could also mean different things depending on the stone chosen. A sapphire for example, symbolizes sincerity and faithfulness and an opal represents confidence in a relationship.

While things that can be bought can have great meaning, homemade gifts or other thoughtful gifts are equally, if not more meaningful. A homemade gift can represent a willingness to put a great deal of time and thought into a gift; regardless of the actual gift the fact that it is homemade has its own meaning. A thoughtful gift can be relatively inexpensive or free, but it is intended to represent how well you know the person you are getting the gift for. Second-hand knickknacks can be very meaningful if it connects to a past story or connecting moment shared between two friends. A meaningful gift can even be as simple as a picture in a frame; its meaning can come from the fact that it is of a special person or moment.