The Meaning of Globalization

There are more than 195 countries recognized in the world, all of which are diverse in some intricate way which only adds to the countries culture, economy, and society; otherwise known as the underlying concept and definition of the term globalization. The term encompasses a wide range of elements about a specific country such as its migration, technology, and military all of which make up each countries unique culture and life style. However, as much as each and every country is diverse, the term globalization acts as a meshing device, in which all countries no matter how different from each other, are all integrated within each other some way or somehow.

The concept of globalization is best broken down into five different social elements, each of which brings their own characteristic into the table. The economic, technological, socio-cultural, political, and biological factors are the five aspects that make up the grand concept of globalization. As these five aspects of globalization start to circulate, combine, and associate with each other from the different countries, the term globalization starts to emerge. Even though each country in itself is inherently different, the way a country interacts, trades, and showcases their culture often times affects other countries. In which case their aspects of culture start to shift, change, and trend as well. Eventually what often times happens are these two countries start to bounce their culture, economic proficiency, political organization back and forth enough until eventually it is deeply integrated into their own.

The idea of globalization started thousands of years ago. People from different countries started to trade with each other for goods at great distances through the famed Silk Road across Central Asia. This Silk Road connected China and Europe during the Middle Ages which allowed them to trade goods that weren't available in their own country. It started as people exchanging goods but now it has become much bigger than that. Today, many corporations are depending on different companies around the world for different products and goods. What started as simple trading of goods and products between different countries have now spread to the trading of cultures, all of which have been driven by technology and international trade.