The Meaning of Global Warming

It has been the debate of the decade, as there is a dichromatic set of beliefs about the controversial subject, and furthermore seems to affect the economic and political aspects of the world. Global warming has emerged as the controversial issue of the decade; it is best described as an increase in the average temperature of the surface of the earth's air and oceans. As to many this may sound like a minor problem, as many state that it is not that big of a deal if the world heats up another 4 degrees. However, a four degree increase of the earth's temperature would result in major and serious habitual problems for many creatures, and significantly increase the sea level which could affect many sea boarding cities. As the theory of global warming was first established in the 1900's, it did not seem to be anything of concern, however, as globalization and industrialization are becoming more and more potent it has had an apparent overwhelmingly negative effect on the earth.

The concept behind global warming is that these things called greenhouse gases are trapped within the earth's atmosphere from the energy of the sun. As the energy from the sun are generally short wave radiation waves, the energy is absorbed by the sun and re emitted at night as longer energy waves that cannot escape so easily due to the absorption of the gases. How are these greenhouse gases emitted? Scientists learned that humans emit greenhouse gases in a variety of ways. Most of these gases come from the cars, factories and electricity production through combustion of fossil fuels. Moreover, the loss of forests can cause carbon dioxide to store, which is the gas that mainly causes global warming. Other factors such as methane release from landfills, nitrous oxide from fertilizers and gases from refrigeration processes all can effect global warming. It is becoming a huge riot due to the large unknown consequences of the near future, if the world and its people do not change their harmful and pollutant ways.