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√ Updated: September 14, 2010

Flower Paintings

Flower Symbolism Guide   

Flowers are a part of every significant event in our life from birth to death. In the Victorian era, flower symbolism became a complete language.

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Flower Symbols Meanings

This article includes a list of flowers meaning joy and many other less common meanings. Find unusual meanings of flowers here. Since many flowers have multiple meanings, some flowers appear in more than one category.


tulip flower symbolism 2

Tulip Symbolism    

Tulips are generally symbolic of fame and perfect love. The symbolic meanings also change with the color of the tulips. Tulips are the foremost national symbol of Holland, rivaling wooden shoes and windmills!


Tiger Symbol

Animal Symbols

Animal symbols are so universal as to be a part of the collective unconscious, belonging to the mythology, legends and religious scriptures of virtually every culture on earth. Some animal symbols contain a secret code and reveal their inner meanings only through written and oral traditions.


Celtic Bird Symbols


Bird Symbolism: Celtic Symbols

The Celts flourished from 500BC to 400AD and were later reduced in numbers and geographic spread by both the Roman expansion and Germanic immigration. Among the most utilized Celtic symbols were those based on animal forms, including the bird symbols delineated below.


Dragon Symbol

Dragon Meaning

Learn the meaning of dragons. More than any other image, the dragon is associated with the Orient. A symbol of the emperor himself, the dragon was master of all of the elements of nature. The sinuous dragon can take many forms and can be victorious in any circumstance. Find out more here.


color symbolism introduction

Color Symbolism   

Color symbolism affects nearly every area of life: clothing, interior design, graphic design, computer interface design, fine art, consumer product development and packaging, food choices and corporate identity.


Blue Symbolism and Cars

Blue Symbolism   

This article covers the connections between the color blue and health, personality, language, spirituality, interior design, nature, art and the mind.
Read about the world's favorite color!


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Tree Symbolism   

Forests have always had deep-rooted symbolic meaning in virtually every culture on earth. Forests are the abode of the nature spirits. Forests are a refuge from danger as well as a source of dangerous wild animals. Forests are mysterious and constantly changing. Individual trees also have specific symbolic meanings.


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Apple Symbolism and Legends   

The history and meaning of apples, apple blossoms, apple mythology, and the legend of Johnny Appleseed.