Our Visitors
Updated: September 14, 2010

In the case of this website, the process of gaining visitors has taken place slowly over many years as this particular site has evolved in purpose and scope since about 2003. The statistics below are from my hosting company, TierraNet. They include a few visitors who go to my art website or multimedia website, but over 99% of the visitors are coming to this site for topics related to symbolism. I didn't start keeping track of visitors at all until 2005 since there were just a handful a day. In a nutshell, visitors per day are as follows:

2003: 10 visitors/day
2004: 15 visitors/day
2005: 20 visitors/day
2006: 70 visitors/day
2007: 200 visitors/day
2008: 600 visitors/dayy
2009: 1,200 visitors/day
2010: 2,500 visitors/day

For detailed statistics, see charts below:

April 2010

april visitors

March 2010



February 2010

2010 statisitics