Find Your Color: The Role of Color Psychology

Introduction to Colors Symbolism
Favorite Color Meanings: Your Basic Personality
Color Symbolism and the Human Aura
Color Symbolism in Global Graphic Design

Introduction to Colors Symbolism

color symbolism introductionColors symbolism affects nearly every area of life: clothing, interior design, graphic design, computer interface design, fine art, consumer product development and packaging, food choices and corporate identity. The significance of some colors is universal. Other colors, however, have meanings that shift in various cultures. The color preferences given below are generally for those in western cultures. More about global color meanings can be found below in the section on Color Symbolism in Global Graphic Design.

Favorite Color Meaning: Your Basic Personality

Your color preferences can reveal basic aspects of your personality. Think about the colors you wear most often. These colors indicate both your strengths and your weaknesses. A variety of psychological tests have been developed for psychiatrists and physicians to give them accurate information about their patients by understanding their co lour choices. Find your favorite color below and see what your choice indicates about your personality.

Red SymbolismFavorite Color: Meaning of Red
If you wear red, you are energetic and impulsive. You are competitive, ambitious and like to be the center of attention. Red is symbolic of leadership qualities and courage. You are focused on results and success. Take time to also learn to be a good listener and to be sensitive to the feelings of others.

Pink SymbolismFavorite Color: Meaning of Pink
If you wear pink, you have an affectionate and loving nature. Pink is symbolic of understanding and sympathy. However, you may be childlike, lack willpower or need a tremendous amount of support from others. A self-reliant person who wears pink exude warmth and love.
Pink is a combination of the intense energy of red and purity of white.

Orange SymbolismFavorite Color: Meaning of Orange
If you wear orange, you are action oriented and competent. Orange symbolizes practicality, independence, organization and creativity. You are self-motivated, active and competitive. You need to be careful not to try and dominate others. Orange is the color of spirituality in the East, which can be selfishness if directed only towards on'es own enlightenment.

Yellow SymbolismFavorite Color: Meaning of Yellow
If you wear yellow, you like to be active and involved in life. You have a stimulating personality and an interesting mind. Yellow symbolizes vitality, communication and spontaneity. You appreciate the new and modern. Make sure you also take care to resolve conflicts.

Green SymbolismFavorite Color: Meaning of Green
If you wear green, you are benevolent and service-oriented. You observe life and prefer to stay on the sidelines. Green symbolizes the desire for peace and harmony. You are sensitive and artistic. You may need to add other colors to your wardrobe to become more involved in life with others.

Light Blue SymbolismFavorite Color: Meaning of Light Blue
If you wear light blue, you are sensitive and perceptive. Light blue symbolizes a good imagination, creativity and a practical approach to life. Make sure to use your analytical abilities for problem-solving!
Light blue is a combination of the power of blue and the innocence of white.

Blue SymbolismFavorite Color: Meaning of Dark Blue
If you wear dark blue, you have deep feelings. You are intelligent and self-reliant. You are willing to take responsibility and make decisions. You may need to surround yourself with peace and affection to avoid depression. You need to play! Dark blue is a serious color often chosen for the military and corporate business.

Violet SymbolismFavorite Color: Meaning of Violet
If you wear violet, you need to feel needed. you have a sensitive, compassionate personality. You should be careful to choose your friends wisely as you may be vulnerable to friends who will impose upon you or damage your self-confidence.

Purple SymbolismFavorite Color: Meaning of Purple
If you wear purple, you are free-spirited and intuitive. You like to explore other realities and unusual ideas. You have high aspirations and great optimism. Take care that you do not become arrogant! Be sensitive to your need for spirituality.

Brown SymbolismFavorite Color: Meaning of Brown
If you wear brown, you are very down to earth! You are honest and live a very regular, structured life. You love things of the earth: food, wine and pleasure. You also appreciate good company, but tend to protect yourself. Be careful not to retreat too far from others.

White SymbolismFavorite Color: Meaning of White
If you wear white, you have a well-balanced, positive personality. White symbolizes a blank page, a new start, a time or lifetime in which all things are possible. You are highly individual, so be careful to connect with others to avoid loneliness.

Black Symbolism
Favorite Color: Meaning of Black
If you wear black, you are disciplined and strong-willed. You may be stubborn and inflexible. Black has become a common color for corporate clothing, showing power and confidence. Black indicates authority and protection of your own aims. Be careful not to be too independent or stubborn.

Grey SymbolismPersonality Color: Gray
If you wear gray, you are a very self-sufficient individual. You may stay aloof from others and have excellent self-control. Try not to isolate yourself too much. You need some rest and relaxation to avoid a build up of stress.


Color Symbolism and the Human Aura

The human aura is an electromagnetic energy field around the body. The colors of the aura can indicate the strengths and weaknesses present and allow for the correction of imbalances. The color symbolism indicated below applies to adults and not to children or teenagers.

Aura Color Symbolism RedColor Symbolism and the Human Aura: Red

Red is related to desire, vitality, power, the urge to win, intensity, eroticism, passion, the sense of adventure, the desire to have possessions, the survival instinct and the desire for success. Additional characteristics are the love of sports, leadership, passion, earthiness, competition and the force of will.

Color Symbolism and the Human Aura: Orange

Ornage Color Symbolism AuraAn orange color in the aura is related to the ability to extend one's self towards others. Orange relates to the emotions, confidence, creativity, openness, friendliness, sociability, intuition and instincts. An orange aura can indicate possible talents in entertainment, salesmanship, public relations and entrepreneurial endeavors.

Color Symbolism and the Human Aura: Yellow

Yellow Color Symbolism AuraThose with yellow in their aura have a talent for organization and the encouragement and support of others. These individuals often have brilliant minds and the ability to analyze and understand complex topics. A yellow aura indicates a sunny personality, enthusiasm, cheerfulness, a great sense of humor, fun, optimism, happiness, warmth and relaxation.

Color Symbolism and the Human Aura: Green

Color Symbolism Green AuraA person with a green aura has high ideals and aspirations and puts emphasis on work and career. They are tenacious, firm and patient. These persons exhibit perseverance, a sense of responsibility and service, self assertiveness and a high level of dedication. They have a desire for respect from others and personal attainment. They are deeply focused.

Color Symbolism and the Human Aura: Blue

Color Symbolism Blue AuraThose with blue in their aura have a desire to communicate with others. They have depth of feeling, devotion, loyalty, trust and empathy. They may have artistic abilities. Those with high levels of blue in their aura may put the needs of others before their own (to their detriment if this leads to depression) and have the ability to meditate and live in the moment. Blue types enjoy solitude and non-competitive activities. Many people with blue auras are philosophers, spiritual seekers and those who value truth, justice and beauty.

Color Symbolism and the Human Aura: Violet

Color Symbolism Aura PurpleThose with a predominance of purple or violet in their auras are unconventional, psychic, and often have uncommon abilities. They have charisma and charm. They are tolerant, sensitive and compassionate. They are often tender and kind and may have an interest in higher realms of consciousness, magic and the dream world. Purple types are often free thinkers, visionaries, revolutionaries and entertainers.

Color Symbolism and the Human Aura: White

White Color Symbolism AuraIndividuals with white in their aura are open and receptive to the divine and the spiritual world. They are spiritually motivated and often unconcerned with ambition or worldly matters. White energy is typically associated with inner illumination and wisdom. Those who meditate regularly or practice energy medicine often have a lot of white in their auras.


More Information on the Human Aura

For more information on the human aura, try these recommended books from Amazon:
The Human Aura: How to Activate and Energize Your Aura and Chakras
Studies of the Human Aura
The Human Aura: A Study of Human Energy Fields
How to See and Read the Human Aura

Colors Symbolism in Global Graphic Design

The gold, silver and bronze of the Olympic games are recognized as first, second and third place around the world.The blue of the sky is also a global phenomenon. However, in the east, orange signifies happiness and spirituality while in the west it is used to indicate delays, road hazards and inexpensive items like fast food. Major color associations for different parts of the world are explored below.

Colors Symbolism in North America

Color Symbolism USAAmericans and Canadians prefer traditional, more subdued colors for expensive items and those that will be used a long time. Items that will quickly be replaced can venture further into trendy colors and loud hues. Black and gold indicate luxury while bright, multi-colored packages connote fun, such as snack foods or candy.

Color Symbolism CanandaRed is the signature color of Canada, most prominently exhibited in the red and white Canadian flag. The color yellow has contradictory associations in both America and Canada, meaning caution and spontaneity. The color blue is a color of respect, honesty and reliability. Green is the color of nature, now receiving worldwide attention as the need for environmental awareness becomes acute. Purple, originally the sign of nobility, has been downgraded in North America over the centuries, often viewed as an overly dramatic color.

Colors Symbolism in Western Europe

Color Symbolism IrelandThe influence of American color choices on western Europe is unmistakable. However, there is a marked respect for "non-colors" or variations on black, white and earth tones. Black is taken seriously as a color of mourning as well as a color of respect and dignity. Gray is multifaceted, reflecting both the stone of ancient monuments and modern steel. Gray is fog and ambiguity. Gray is wisdom and experience. White is cleanliness and purity, but it can also stand for emptiness or meaninglessness.

Color Symbolism BritainSilver and brown are both masculine colors. Silver can reflect fine craftsmanship. Brown is the color of wood, the earth and the power to build. Variations in wood tones are a science unto themselves, involving the symbolism of trees. (See The Deep-Rooted Symbolism of Trees for more information.)

Colors Symbolism in South America

Color Symbolism BrazilThe bright colors of many South American cultures come from the intense hues in nature in this often tropical region. Brilliant hues of fiery orange and yellow are taken from the birds of the Brazilian rainforest. Red is used as a cheerful color with less negative associations than elsewhere in the world.

Bright green is the predominant color of the jungle, seen as the color of life and the wealth of the Colombian emeralds. In central America and along the coasts, blue is connected to the ocean--a source of travel, food, ambitions and the hope for greatness.

Colors Symbolism in the Middle East

Color Symbolism IsraelThe Middle East is home to Christians, Muslims and Jews. The influence of these three religions is significant in color choices and preferences. Turquoise is a common color on mosques, as well as gold, green and red. The color of the Israeli flag is blue. Blue also symbolizes glory in the Koran.

Color Symbolism EgyptThe Bedouins use black for everyday clothing. Other Bedouin goods are the natural color of the wool of sheep or goats used to make tents. Accents of bright colors including red, indigos, green, orange and mustard are included in pillows and wall hangings. Red and white Bedouin rugs can be found throughout Egypt. Red is associated with Shu, the ancient god who separated the earth from the sky. Red is a color of protection and good fortune.

Colors Symbolism in Africa

Color Symbolism NigeriaDeep blues and reds are the most popular colors for intricate designs in South Africa, with outlines created in black and white. Red is usually reserved for ceremonies and worn by chiefs in Nigeria. Different shades of red denote different tribes. In East Africa, blue beads are thought to enhance fertility.

The complexity of tribes across Africa makes color associations a more local phenomena. In many countries and areas, however, black implies age and wisdom; gold indicates long life; earth tones have positive associations with the grassy savanna; and yellow is reserved for those of high rank.

Colors Symbolism in Asia

Color Symbolism TaiwanRed is the primary color influence in Chinese culture, forming the basis of the flags for both China and Taiwan. Traditional Chinese color symbolism is known and respected, but this does not interfere with the commercial need to sell products to the entire world.

Color Sbolism ChinaIn addition to red, yellow is clearly associated with China. The royal family used yellow. Yellow is a color of joy, happiness, high spirits and sunshine. Yellow is considered to be masculine while blue is feminine. Blue is water and the sky, changeable and adaptable. Green is closely tied to jade, a stone of value and desirability. White is the color of death while weddings and good fortune are represented by red.

More Information About Color Symbolism

For more information on this topic, see Global Graphics: Color by L.K. Peterson and Cheryl Dangel Cullen.

For more information about color symbolism, please see the following recommended Amazon books:
Symbolism of Color
Color Synergy: Power of Color, Creative Visualizations, and Affirmations to Transform Your Life
The Symbolism of Color
Color and the Edgar Cayce Readings

Color and Meaning: Art, Science, and Symbolism


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