Colors Meanings and Specific Colors

Introduction to Colors Meanings

Color SymbolismColors meanings are closely related to cultural associations with various colors. The study of color psychology, color therapy and color symbolism reveals an in-depth perspective on both society and individuals. Find information below on the following topics:

Colors Meanings and the Spectrum
Colors Meanings and Color Mixing
Heraldry and Colors Meanings     

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Colors Meanings and the Spectrum

The basic colors of the spectrum are the most fundamental colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. These colors combine with each other and with white and black to create all of the other colors that we can see. The information below is based on Western colors meanings unless otherwise noted. The color meanings of the basic light spectrum are summarized below.

Red Color Meanings

red color symbolism The color meanings of red includes pleasure, desire, vitality, will to win, love of sports and the survival instinct. The “warm” colors red, orange and yellow are considered to be stimulating colors.

Orange Color Meanings

orange color symbolismThe color meanings of orange are creativity, confidence, intuition, friendliness and the entrepreneurial spirit.

Yellow Color Meanings

yellow color symbolismThe color meanings of yellow are enthusiasm, cheerfulness, sense of humor, fun, optimism and intellectuality.

Green Color Meanings

green color symbolismThe color meanings of green are perseverance, patience, growth and healing. Green is also related to work, wealth, and career. In the United States, our money is green. Green is a highly adaptable color that lends itself in interior design to areas for children, especially places where learning takes place.

Blue Color Meanings

blue color symbolismThe color meanings of blue are related to freedom, strength and new beginnings. Blue skies mean optimism and better opportunities. Blue is cooling and relaxing. Blue symbolizes water, the source of life. Agricultural people have traditionally worshipped water in the form of rivers, clouds, mist and rain. See complete article on The Symbolism of the Color Blue.

Indigo Color Meanings

indigo color symbolismThe color meanings of indigo are wisdom, self-mastery and spiritual attainment. Indigo has an inward rather than an outward orientation. Indigo connects the conscious and unconscious minds. Indigo should not be used for a person who is depressed, as it can also deepen negative moods.

Violet Color Meanings

violet color symbolismThe color meanings of violet are the psychological quality of transformation, transmutation and the balance of power and love. Additional meanings include charisma, charm, magical abilities and tolerance.

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Color Mixing and the Meaning of Colors

color wheelThere is an infinite array of colors that are variations on the basic colors of the spectrum. Yellow, blue and red are primary colors and are mixed to create secondary colors: green, orange and purple. From there, tertiary colors are created that are combinations of the secondary colors: yellow-green, orange-yellow, orange-red, etc.

Col9or Symbolism Yellow GreenEach of these colors have slightly different meanings. These secondary and tertiary colors are usually colors that appeal to adults, as they tend to be more sophisticated colors. The meanings of tertiary colors and complex colors are usually based on the colors from which they have been mixed.

Color Symbolism BlackAdditional colors can be also created by adding white to make a tint or black to make a shade. These colors also have their own generally accepted meanings in color symbolism. Black, for example, symbolizes death and grieving

Color Symbolism Hot PinkPink is related to warmth and love, gentleness, beauty, and an outward orientation. White means purity, inner illumination and spirituality. White softens the sometimes harsh impact of red. Pink is a more sophisticated color than red, which often makes it more appealing to most adults than pure red. Pink is also gentler and more appropriate for healing. Variations of pink can be used to relieve depression. As the color of warmth and love, pink is a comforting color meaning gentleness and beauty while encouraging motion and an outward orientation.

Color Symbolism AquaDesigners like to give variations of these colors attractive names of their own rather than calling them "orange-red" and so forth. Thus, colors are named fuchsia, aqua and turquoise. For consumer appeal, complex colors are often given even longer names: light sea green, deep royal blue and rich chocolate brown.

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Heraldry and Colors Meanings

Heraldry scholars can sometimes disagree on the subtle meanings for colors used in coats of arms and other decorations related to heraldry. The colors meanings below are the most commonly accepted meanings.

yellow color meaningGold or Yellow Heraldry Color Meanings:

red color meaningRed Heraldry Color Meanings:
military fortitude
martyr or victor in battle

grey color meaningWhite or Silver Heraldry Color Meaning:

blue color meaningBlue Heraldry Color Meaning:

green color meaningGreen Heraldry Color Meaning:

black color meaningBlack Heraldry Color Meaning:

purple color meaning Purple Heraldry Color Meaning:
royalty, sovereignty,

orange color meaningOrange Heraldry Color Meaning:
worthy ambition


More Information About Color Symbolism

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