Impatiens Flowers Meanings

√ Updated: September 14, 2010

Impatiens are symbolic of motherly love. In the medieval Mary gardens devoted to the Virgin Mary, impatiens were viewed as "Our Lady's earrings." Impatiens flowers come in many different colors from reds to blues to near blacks and browns. The individual colors have not been given separate meanings.

About Impatiens Flowers

Impatiens Flower SymbolismThere are approximately 1,000 species of impatiens flowers, but only a few are normally grown in modern gardens. Many species are difficult to grow from seed. Instead, impatiens flowers are often grown from cuttings.

Impatiens come in a wide variety of forms including flat flowers and orchid-like shapes. Many species grow only in very narrow ranges and will not grow in other geographical locations.

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Fascinating Facts About Impatiens

impatiens flower symbolism photo 2One of the unique features of impatiens is the explosive nature of the seed pods. Under extreme pressure, the ripe pods explode when they are disturbed. This scatters the seeds as much as twenty feet from the parent plant!

Impatiens also have a strange ability to change sex. The impatiens flower is male when it first opens. After a few days the pollen cap is shed and reveals female organs. This process is to keep the plant from self-pollination. However, it doesn’t always work. Some species naturally set seed without even opening their flowers. Other species are self-sterile.

Ecology of Impatiens Flowers

Impatiens come from many different ecological niches. Some forms epiphytes in trees. The plants rely on the tree for mechanical support but not nutrients, which they produce themselves. The plants are therefore not truly parasitic. Other impatiens are hardy perennials with underground rhizomes and tubers. This allows them to survive bitter freezing temperatures in arctic climates. Other impatiens are semi-aquatics that grow in edges of streams.

Impatiens Photos for Projects and Design

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