Flower Colors

Do you know which color of flower represents beauty? Do you know which color of flower you should get when your friend gets a new job? Just like how different flowers have different scents, different color flowers represent different meanings. Also, certain colored flowers are best for certain occasions and events. The most common flower colors include: Red, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Lavender and White. Each of these colors represents a different meaning.

What's the first flower that comes into your mind when you think of the color red? Most people will think of red roses. These red roses are the best choice for romantic occasions such as Valentine's Day because red is a perfect color to heat up a relationship. Not only does red represent love and passion, it also represents beauty and courage. While red represents passionate love, pink represents innocent love. Pink is seen as a very pretty, flirty and delicate color which represents grace, happiness and youth. Just like roses, pink flowers are perfect for Valentine's Day. You can choose from pink mums, English roses or Asiatic lilies. Since pink represents youth, pink flowers can make perfect birthday flower bouquets for young girls.

Orange flower's vibrant hue expresses warmth, desire and passion. There are different shades of the color orange. The original orange or coral colored roses are good for occasions like anniversaries while light shaded orange such as tangerine colored flowers show enthusiasm for everything from thank yous to housewarmings. The bright color of yellow represents joy, happy and new. Therefore, yellow colored flowers such as daffodils or sunflowers can be given as a gift to tell someone to cheer up or to show your appreciation to someone. Furthermore, sunny colored bouquets are a perfect match with a get well card.

One will easily think that the color green is for stems or leaves rather than flowers. However, flowers such as green roses, chrysanthemums, orchids or carnations represents embodied nature. In addition to nature, it also represents health, good fortune, optimism and renewal. You can mix-match different shades of green to say congratulations or wish someone good luck. The color blue represents the openness of the vast sky and the serenity of a calm ocean. Blue also has a meaning of sympathy. Blue flowers are said to be great flowers to give when one wants to say sorry or to help calm the pain when someone is hurting. Blue flowers include hydrangeas, irises, and hyacinths.

Pretty plum blossoms are a good choice when someone gets a new job or to congratulate someone. Purple usually connotes dignity, pride and success but it also has meanings like love at first sight. The color lavender represents grace and femininity like pink but it's more purified and sophisticated. Lavender blooms or tiny wild asters can say thank you or happy birthday. A good flower to give elder women can be lilac colored roses because it tells her that she is still beautiful. The color white represents pure innocence, pristine and loveliness. White flowers such as a lily, daisy, orchid, or pearly blossom can express both reverence and elegance. White flowers are mostly associated with religious occasions such as a wedding or a funeral.