Fire Symbol

It has been deemed by many cultures in society, as the most powerful and beautiful element. It is one of the four classic elements of ancient Greek Philosophy, and furthermore has been around since the beginning of man, it is the symbol of fire. Fire was first described as part of the four beginning elements including earth, water, and air. However, fire is one of the four symbols that symbolize a very affectionate, passionate, and charismatic feel, which often times is sought to represent its natural level of heat. The symbol of fire is present within a multitude of things within present society, as it holds to many religious, symbolic, and traditional purposes.

Fire is most famously known in the symbolic world for its passionate, powerful and sexuality, however, fire is best described as a dichotomy, as its color can also represent war, chaos, and destruction. Fire has an assortment of meanings, which are solely dependent on the perspective, culture, and generation to whom it pertains to. In old folklore, fire is widely seen as a symbol of dominance and strength, as its heat bewares individuals who are not welcome to stay far in the distance. On the other hand, the symbol of fire can be seen as an inviting symbol in which wary souls who may be lost, symbolize fire as a form of guidance and comfort. Which is why when attempting to figure out and understand the symbolism behind fire, it is important that you understand the person, community, or action of which the fire is used for. Some of the most prominent characteristics relating to fire are: consumption, comfort, creativity, destruction, authority, power, chaos, sexuality, war, passion, and desire.

Above are some of the most symbolic meanings, actions, and feelings of fire, however, fire also has the ability to symbolize one of the most powerful traits of all, love. As love is seen as an eternal flame; fire is an accurate representative of love and its characteristics. As fire has the ability to cleanse and purify, so does the fairy tale depiction of love. For fire and love are interchangeable figures, as it does have the capability to destroy, cause chaos, and as most have seen in the past war. Fire also has the ability to comfort, accentuate sexuality, and provide an everlasting feeling of passion and desire.