Fantasy Animals

In the real world, animals and humans interact quite often, whether it be at a zoo, in your back yard, or out in the wilderness, animals are everywhere and have long been sought as a companion to man. Although there are a vast amount of animals that most people have not yet even discovered, we are still fascinated by some of the unique types of animals that we have come across. However, these animals may be unique to us in the real world, however, there is a whole other world of animals that are far more unique, distinct, and interesting but unfortunately fictitious, otherwise known as fantasy animals. Often having a set rubric of guidelines as to what a fantasy animal must consist of; these fabricated creatures often weld characteristics that can only be understood in a fantasy like setting or environment. Often time's mythological creatures and fantasy animals are put within the same category. However, this is a very common mistake, as most people see that since they are not real they must be the same, instead are distinguished by their purpose. As mythical creatures usually withhold some sort of cultural value that adds or detracts and may interact within a society. Fantasy animals are animals that are understood to only be within the fantasy realm.

Fantasy animals cannot be understood or broken down into groups other than their intrinsic time periods. Therefore, it is best to comprehend the concept of fantasy animals as a whole, and rather a selection of creatures that are in no way intertwined unless stated through a fable or story. Some of the more famous fantasy animals are unicorns, dragons, gryphons, and orcs. Unicorns being similar to that of a horse, mysteriously have a single horn springing out from their head, and often times depending on which source the unicorn comes from, has the ability to fly. Dragons being mythical creatures can best be described as a giant flying lizard, usually consist of the ability to spew fire from their mouth. Contrary to a dragon, a gryphon is often associated with a positive notion, as they are generally protectors of the human civilization, with an eagle like head and wings and a body like a lion. Even within the fantasy world, animals are even depicted to have entire races, such as the orcs. Orcs being blunt, green, vicious, and stalky-looking bipedal creatures, are often depicted in fantasy of war, as their ability lies with their aggressive stance to take over the world.