Survey of Natural Element Compatibility

Take the survey below to determine your natural element compatibility. This survey has 15 questions and should take three to five minutes. As you read the questions below, mark a single answer on a separate piece of paper and keep track of how many answers you have for each of the five elements. A PRINTABLE VERSION of this survey is available here for your convenience.

Once you have added up your answers and found your primary compatibility, see our article Environments of Power: Chinese Symbols and the Five Elements to learn more about your element and how to increase your vitality and wellness by balancing the five elements in your surroundings.

For more information about the Chinese five elements, try the following Amazon books:
Wood Becomes Water: Chinese Medicine in Everyday Life
Traditional Acupuncture: The Law of the Five Elements
Power of the Five Elements: The Chinese Medicine Path to Healthy Aging and Stress Resistance
Fusion of the Five Elements: Meditations for Transforming Negative Emotions

Body Type: 
            ___muscular, athletic physique; well-proportioned extremities (wood)
            ___graceful, willowy physique; long neck, hands and fingers (fire)
            ___rounded physique with broad hips and shoulders; short hands and feet (earth)
            ___symmetrical physique; small bones, long arms, legs; narrow shoulders (metal)
            ___lean physique; narrow shoulders, wider hips; long fingers and toes (water)

Facial Features:
            ___jaw and chin predominate (wood)
            ___eyes predominate; delicate features (fire)    
            ___mouth and lips predominate (earth)
            ___nose predominate; chiseled features (metal)
            ___ears predominate; deep-set eyes; sculptured features (water)

Skin Type:
            ___thick, sometimes coarse skin; oily face, nose and scalp (wood)
            ___soft, warm skin; acne, boils, rashes; red, blotchy or ashen (fire)
            ___soft, smooth skin (earth)
            ___dry, itchy skin; eczema, rashes or hives (metal)
            ___normal skin (water)

Circulatory tendencies:
            ___high blood pressure (wood)
            ___rapid or irregular heartbeat; erratic pulse; heart palpitations (fire)
            ___varicose veins, hemorrhoids; strokes (earth)
            ___normal circulatory system (metal)
            ___high blood pressure (water)

Sensory tendencies:
            ___blurred vision; dry, red, itchy or teary eyes; high-pitched ringing in ears (wood)
            ___speech problems; stammering, stuttering, slurring; speaking too quickly (fire)
            ___normal sensory function (earth)
            ___sensitivity to climate changes, especially excessive humidity or dryness (metal)
            ___hearing problems (loss of hearing, tinnitus); ear aches and infections (water)

Digestive tendencies:
            ___heartburn, constipation, ulcers; abdominal pain; difficulty swallowing (wood)
            ___sore, inflamed, swollen or red tongue; diverticulosis (inflammation of colon) (fire)
            ___gain weight easily; anorexia/bulimia; indigestion; acid stomach/ulcers (earth)
            ___food allergies or sensitivities; diarrhea, constipation (metal)
            ___problems with teeth; excessive thirst (water)

Structural/metabolic tendencies:
            ___tension in neck/shoulders/spine; cramps/twitches (wood)
            ___shallow breathing; spontaneous sweating, hot flashes; seizures (fire)
            ___gum problems; hypoglycemia or diabetes; thyroid problems (earth)
            ___chronic joint pain, brittle joints; inflexible/stiff spine (metal)
            ___sore feet; aching lower back, osteoporosis (water)

Food Preferences:
            ___strong preference for sour foods (wood)
            ___strong preference for bitter foods (fire)
            ___strong preference for sweet/starchy foods (earth)
            ___strong preference for pungent and spicy foods (metal)
            ___strong preference for salty foods (water)

Color Preferences:
            ___strong preference for green (wood)
            ___strong preference for red (fire)
            ___strong preference for yellow (earth)
            ___strong preference for white (metal)
            ___strong preference for blue and/or black (water)

Seasonal/Climate Preferences:
            ___ strong preference for the season of spring/windy climates (wood)
            ___ strong preference for the season of summer/hot climates (fire)
            ___ strong preference for the season of late summer/damp climates (earth)
            ___ strong preference for the season of autumn/dry climates (metal)
            ___ strong preference for the season of winter/cold climates (water)

Dream Tendencies:
            ___images of forests, growing plants, competition, trying to reach a goal (wood)
            ___images of romantic, sensuous encounters (fire)
            ___images of houses, backyards and grassy fields (earth)
            ___images of mountain peaks, snow; interiors of boats, cars or trains (metal)
            ___images of lakes, rivers, oceans; dark mysterious places, caves (water)

Greatest Fears:
            ___loss of control; being helpless, confined, stuck, unable to move (wood)
            ___being alone or abandoned (fire)
            ___being lost or far from home (earth)
            ___crowds, chaos, corruption, contamination from others (metal)
            ___heights, water, people, darkness, death (water)

Work/Mental Patterns:
            ___confidant, moral, competitive; leader, workaholic; risk-taker; bold (wood)
            ___charismatic, enthusiastic, animated, optimistic (fire)
            ___problem solver, mediator, peacemaker; thrive in peaceful settings (earth)
            ___efficient, methodical, organized; perfectionist; accepting of authority (metal)
            ___prefers to work alone; patient, persevering; objective, impartial (water)
Emotional/Energy Patterns:
            ___impulsive; stubborn; tendency to anger (wood)
            ___can be overly emotional; doubt myself (fire)
            ___difficulty being alone; eat when uncomfortable (earth)     
            ___restrained; not spontaneous; appear unfeeling (metal)
            ___introverted; tendency towards depression (water)

Relationship Patterns:
            ___direct and straightforward; critical; sometimes insensitive (wood)
            ___empathetic, intuitive, communicator; affected by others; enjoy intimacy (fire)
            ___nurturing, like to be needed; loyal, put other’s needs before my own (earth)
            ___content with a few close relationships or friends (metal)
            ___avoid intimacy; willing to be at odds with others for sake of principles (water)

                        ____wood     I am primarily compatible with the WOOD ELEMENT.             
                        ____fire         I am primarily compatible with the FIRE ELEMENT.            
                        ____earth     I am primarily compatible with the EARTH ELEMENT.            
                        ____metal    I am primarily compatible with the METAL ELEMENT.           
                        ____water    I am primarily compatible with the WATER ELEMENT.

If you have two or more equal elements, you have MIXED ELEMENT compatibility.

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