Survey of Natural Element Compatibility

Body Type: 
            ___muscular, athletic physique; well-proportioned extremities (wood)
            ___graceful, willowy physique; long neck, hands and fingers (fire)
            ___rounded physique with broad hips and shoulders; short hands and feet (metal)
            ___symmetrical physique; small bones with long arms, legs; narrow shoulders
            ___lean physique; narrow shoulders, wider hips; long fingers and toes

Facial Features:
            ___jaw and chin predominate (wood)
            ___eyes predominate; delicate features (fire)    
            ___mouth and lips predominate (earth)
            ___nose predominate; chiseled features (metal)
            ___ears predominate; deep-set eyes; sculptured features (water)

Skin Type:
            ___thick, sometimes coarse skin; oily face, nose and scalp (wood)
            ___soft, warm skin; acne, boils, rashes; red, blotchy or ashen (fire)
            ___soft, smooth skin (earth)
            ___dry, itchy skin; eczema, rashes or hives (metal)
            ___normal skin (water)

Circulatory tendencies:
            ___high blood pressure (wood)
            ___rapid or irregular heartbeat; erratic pulse; heart palpitations (fire)
            ___varicose veins, hemorrhoids; strokes (earth)
            ___normal circulatory system (metal)
            ___high blood pressure (water)

Sensory tendencies:
            ___blurred vision; dry, red, itchy or teary eyes; high-pitched ringing in ears (wood)
            ___speech problems; stammering, stuttering, slurring; speaking too quickly (fire)
            ___normal sensory function (earth)
            ___sensitivity to climate changes, especially excessive humidity or dryness (metal)
            ___hearing problems (loss of hearing, tinnitus); ear aches and infections (water)

Digestive tendencies:
            ___heartburn, constipation, ulcers; abdominal pain; difficulty swallowing (wood)
            ___sore, inflamed, swollen or red tongue; diverticulosis (inflammation of colon) (fire)
            ___gain weight easily; anorexia/bulimia; indigestion; acid stomach/ulcers (earth)
            ___food allergies or sensitivities; diarrhea, constipation (metal)
            ___problems with teeth; excessive thirst (water)

Structural/metabolic tendencies:
            ___tension in neck/shoulders/spine; cramps/twitches (wood)
            ___shallow breathing; spontaneous sweating, hot flashes; seizures (fire)
            ___gum problems; hypoglycemia or diabetes; thyroid problems (earth)
            ___chronic joint pain, brittle joints; inflexible/stiff spine (metal)
            ___sore feet; aching lower back, osteoporosis (water)

Food Preferences:
            ___strong preference for sour foods (wood)
            ___strong preference for bitter foods (fire)
            ___strong preference for sweet/starchy foods (earth)
            ___strong preference for pungent and spicy foods (metal)
            ___strong preference for salty foods (water)

Color Preferences:
            ___strong preference for green (wood)
            ___strong preference for red (fire)
            ___strong preference for yellow (earth)
            ___strong preference for white (metal)
            ___strong preference for blue and/or black (water)

Seasonal/Climate Preferences:
            ___ strong preference for the season of spring/windy climates (wood)
            ___ strong preference for the season of summer/hot climates (fire)
            ___ strong preference for the season of late summer/damp climates (earth)
            ___ strong preference for the season of autumn/dry climates (metal)
            ___ strong preference for the season of winter/cold climates (water)

Dream Tendencies:
            ___images of forests, growing plants, competition, trying to reach a goal (wood)
            ___images of romantic, sensuous encounters (fire)
            ___images of houses, backyards and grassy fields (earth)
            ___images of mountain peaks, snow; interiors of boats, cars or trains (metal)
            ___images of lakes, rivers, oceans; dark mysterious places, caves (water)

Greatest Fears:
            ___loss of control; being helpless, confined, stuck, unable to move (wood)
            ___being alone or abandoned (fire)
            ___being lost or far from home (earth)
            ___crowds, chaos, corruption, contamination from others (metal)
            ___heights, water, people, darkness, death (water)

Work/Mental Patterns:
            ___confidant, moral, competitive; leader, workaholic; risk-taker; bold (wood)
            ___charismatic, enthusiastic, animated, optimistic (fire)
            ___problem solver, mediator, peacemaker; thrive in peaceful settings (earth)
            ___efficient, methodical, organized; perfectionist; accepting of authority (metal)
            ___prefers to work alone; patient, persevering; objective, impartial (water)
Emotional/Energy Patterns:
            ___impulsive; stubborn; tendency to anger (wood)
            ___can be overly emotional; doubt myself (fire)
            ___difficulty being alone; eat when uncomfortable (earth)     
            ___restrained; not spontaneous; appear unfeeling (metal)
            ___introverted; tendency towards depression (water)

Relationship Patterns:
            ___direct and straightforward; critical; sometimes insensitive (wood)
            ___empathetic, intuitive, communicator; affected by others; enjoy intimacy (fire)
            ___nurturing, like to be needed; loyal, put other’s needs before my own (earth)
            ___content with a few close relationships or friends (metal)
            ___avoid intimacy; willing to be at odds with others for sake of principles (water)