Edible Flowers

Food consumes us all, or perhaps I should say that we want to consume all food, regardless of the saying, food not only hold nutritious value, but can also be accentuated as a form of art through various forms of garnish. As these garnishes can range in an array of things, one trend that is starting to make its appearance once again is edible flowers. Roses, carnations, citrus blossoms, and dandelions are some of the many types of edible flowers that can be eaten or used to garnish a dish. To many it may seem odd that flowers can serve as an element of one's diet, but truth is that edible flowers have been used for thousands of years, even before the time of the Egyptians. Edible flowers to ancient civilizations were of much greater importance than to grow for an aesthetically pleasing front yard, but rather were used for an assortment of different things such as religious events, matrimony, and of course as a staple part of one's diet. Truthfully flowers can serve a wide variety of different purposes, and furthermore edible flowers can grant an individual an array of different flavors, textures, and experiences.

Some of the most popular flowers that are used to symbolize special days, events, or scenarios also serve a dual purpose of being the tastiest edible ones as well! Roses have different flavors that correspond to the type, color, and soil conditions. As some flavors may have subtle hints of fruits like strawberries or apples, some have a deep bold flowery yet spicy flavor to them as well. Another very popular flower that is edible are violets, as they serve a very sweet and perfume like flavor that also laminate a fluorescent and beautiful purple color. As these are some of the many different types of flowers that can be eaten, some other ones are snap dragons, yucca, sunflowers, carnations, clovers, jasmine, and many many more.

However, with some edible flowers it should be understood and well-noted that some flowers that are edible, if eaten in large quantities can cause very serious health problems and can be poisonous. Some of the flowers that one should consider in moderation are apple blossoms, linden, sweet woodruff, and tulip petals as these various types of flowers can cause problems such as blood thinning, increased blood sugar, and even heart problems. Therefore, it is imperative that when considering flowers to eat, that you make sure you are not allergic, and always start with a small amount to see if there is any type of reaction.