Earth Symbol

Since the dawn of man, humans have had a great interest in the planet on which they live. This interest in Earth is not always from an astrological point of view, but more commonly a search for a connection between Earth and its life giving and sustaining properties. This view of Earth as a mystical life source can be seen in great deal of ancient Earth symbolism. Civilizations throughout the world have different symbols for the earth. They all appear differently, but have a lot of the same underlying principles.

One of the most common symbols of earth consists of a circle with straight lines cutting through the center vertically and horizontally. This circle has an obvious representation of the globe, but the two lines can be interpreted to represent the four corners of the earth, four directions of the compass, four seasons, four clans of mankind and four virtues. A more subjective look into the crossed lines allows this symbol to be a representation of the integration between the world and Christianity as well. The Chinese use a Trigram for the symbol of earth. This consists of six rectangle blocks that forms a square. This differs from most other symbols of the earth, which represent the planet in spherical form. This shape symbolizes "Big Earth", the mother and passive energy of the world. The Mayan symbol for the earth consists of a swirling life force, three vertical dots and a fourth that is more orb-like in nature. The swirl represents a creative god force while the circles and the orb represent the phases of the moon.

More general representations of earth create a symbol of earth as mythological goddesses, a person or an animal. Many ancient civilizations represented Earth in the form of a goddess. This could be seen in ancient civilizations in South America, Hindu culture and classic European folklore as well. A common symbol for earth is "mother nature" or "mother earth." By creating an image of Earth as a women and mother, it symbolizing its quality for harnessing life. In many respects, Earth gives and facilities life, explaining for this symbol. Other symbols of earth consist of animal representations, such as the Chinese symbol of a Tiger for Earth. These symbols represent Earth's natural power and protective qualities. This can also be seen in India's turtle symbol and Japan's symbolic representation of Earth as a giant Koi Fish.