Crystal Therapy

Crystal therapy is a form of alternative, non-evasive therapy that can be considered highly related to color therapy. This form of therapy has been in existence for thousands of years and while its origins are not certain, it is theorized that ancient civilizations of Egypt can be credited with the first uses of crystal therapy. Like color therapy, crystal therapy is mostly focused on balancing the seven chakras. These seven chakras exist on a line along the human center, starting at the bottom of the spine and ending on the top of the head. Crystal therapy is conducted by placing crystals and gemstones along a person's body in accordance with the seven chakras. Different crystals are believed to correlate with different colors of light and each chakra has a type of crystal that is associated with the chakra. It is also believed that, because of their connection to colors, crystals have specific functions and vibrations. These different vibrations are believed to be the key to crystals healing power.

There is a variety of different therapy methods used in crystal therapy. Crystal therapy can be as simple as placing a crystal in one hand and meditating. Though this is a form of crystal therapy that is found to be effective, the most useful way to practice crystal therapy is by finding the particular stone that you need to heal a specific ailment. Different stones correlate with different conditions and health issues. A common form of crystal therapy is single chakra therapy. This places a specific stone, on a predetermined chakra for 5-25 minutes at a time. Common chakra/stone matching combinations are: Root chakra with onyx/obsidian; Naval chakra with carnelian; solar plexus chakra with citrine; heat chakra with rose quartz; throat chakra with indigo; third eye chakra with clear quartz, amethysts, or aquamarine; crown chakra with amethyst or clear quartz. Another form of crystal therapy is all chakra therapy which involves placing clear quartz stones on all of the chakras simultaneously for 5-25 minutes at a time.

Crystal therapy can be beneficial to the mind and all of the major body systems. Its effectiveness lies in the ability to relax and openness to this form of alternative medicine. In terms of the actual medical world, crystal therapy does not have much clout or respect, but those who actively practice crystal therapy often testify to its positive effect on the body.