Color Properties

Does color make a difference? Can looking at certain colors affect mood? Can the right combination of color and meditation help heal the body? All of these questions have one common answer; yes. For years the power and influence of color on the human body and psyche have been noted. Different colors within the spectrum of visible light produce different reactions in the body. Some colors can create an overwhelming sense of peace, while others can evoke passion. The journey to understanding all of the power of color healing is not one done overnight, it requires time, patience, and an openness to alternative forms of medicine. Before any of this progress can be made, it is first important to understand the properties of different colors.

Different colors heal in different ways. The symbolism of the color red is passion, love, and courage. Red is known to bring energy and vibrance and stimulation. Orange on the other hand is less of a passionate color; it is instead warm and prompts a sense of freeness. The openness of this color creates an openness of the body and a strengthening of activity in the mind. A bright color, such as yellow strengthens the nerves and stimulates a higher mentality. This may be as a result of connection with the sun, and therefore life and energy. Green is a color that links people with nature, inner harmony and peace. This color has the ability to bring balance. Associated with water and air, blue is a very cool and calming color. It is one of the most effective healing colors. Violet and purple are associated with transformation, which can increase a sense of spirituality and the rejection of negativity.

The combination of all the colors is white; it is not a coincidence that this all encompassing color is possibly the most powerful. White has a wide variety of positive associations with the human psyche. White represents purity, cleanliness, innocence, oneness and truth. The symbolism continues with the fact that white light has long been associated with the journey to the afterlife. In short, white has a definitive connection to the spirit and an individual's awakened spirituality.

Though it may be subtle, every color has an effect. Through color, and the different properties that they hold, almost every human emotion can be exposed and used for healing. Experiment with these colors to match your mood or mind state.