Color Medicine

Those who believe in color therapy, or chromotherapy, believe that there are medical cures that can be derived from exposure to certain types, and combinations of color. Those who extensively practice color therapy have developed, what they believe to be, treatments for anything from common, simple medical problems such as dandruff, to the most feared medical issues such as cancer.

I will discuss some of the various techniques used by color therapy to try and treat a variety of simple and deadly ailments. According to those who practice light therapy, a case of nausea can be simply treated with blue light focused on the abdominal area for twenty minutes. Anemia can be treated with the use of red light, which is known to increase blood flow and temperature. The proscribed treatment is a red light bath for ten minutes a day, along with a glass of red solarized water daily as well. Epilepsy is treated with blue light over the head, spine and solar plexus for twenty minutes. Also, ten minutes of exposure to indigo light to the eye can treat cataracts. Though many more cures are listed, this brief look into color therapy must also include the treatment for cancer. The treatment involves the alternative use of indigo and green on a daily basis. Each day it is necessary to treat the spine for ten minutes; the pituitary, thyroid, adrenal cortex, ovaries and prostate for five minutes each; to treat the abdomen for five minutes; to treat the pancreas for five minutes; light on the temples and forehead for five minutes each.

The power of alternative medicine is never clear. There are so many factors that decide any medicines effectiveness, which include personal attitude and openness to the form of treatment. Even with this being said, it's hard to convince many that alternating colors can be a viable treatment for cancer. Those that are truly committed to the practice of color therapy suggest differently. For ailments such as nausea, or a little back pain however, I don't see the problem with trying a bit of color medicine before running to aspirin or other over the counter drugs. Color medicine just may work for you.