Color Healing

The symbolism of color is widely acknowledged. Few would doubt that in the United States Flag, red stands for valor, white represents purity and blue represent perseverance. Symbolism is only the beginning, because in fact "color has the power to heal." This simple statement has a great deal of implications. This theory creates possibilities for healing, therapy and meditation all based on what you see everyday. Understandably, some have a hard time grasping and accepting this concept, but hopefully a little more evidence on the subject will be enough to convince most skeptics. Through a great deal of extensive research, it has been discovered which specific colors help to heal different systems in the body.

Color carries information to the different cells of the body. Different colors, all having different wavelengths, communicate differently to different parts of the body. The color red communicates with the adrenal glands, which help to increase energy, strength and body temperature. This result makes red a preferred color to individuals who have problems with anemia or other blood based conditions. Orange comparatively has more of an effect on the lungs, respiratory and digestive systems. These benefits are created by the ability of orange to communicate with, and increase the activity of the thyroid. For problems in the stomach, liver and intestines, yellow is an effective color. Green is known to be one of the most effective colors in treating a variety of ailments. This is due to the connection between green and balance. Green helps with keeping balance in hormones, but more specifically, green can help with problems of the heart, including high blood pressure. The color blue has special communication with the throat. It is used to handle problems with speech, or throat ailments such as inflammation. Violet and purple have a connection with a variety of body systems. They have influence over the spleen and white blood cells, in addition to calming an over active heart.

The examples given are but a few of the influences that color can have over the healing of the body and its systems. The power of color healing goes back centuries, but the extent of its effects are still not completely understood today. It is however, been made very clear through science that in some way wavelengths of colors communicate with the body systems and can therefore effect their function.