Color Gemstone

The practice of chromotherapy, or color therapy relies on the use of the seven different colors in the visible light spectrum. It is theorized that exposure to these colors, in a concentrated and relaxed setting can have major health benefits. Color therapists believe that color has the power to heal the body and the mind. Color therapy calls for the use of color in many different ways, which range from the exposure to lights to being surrounded by a certain color material. Further development into color therapy has derived the use of gemstones as a form of treatment.

Gemstones are appealing to color therapists for a variety of reasons. Gemstones are minerals that are believed to contain and harness life force. Different gemstones have the ability to harness colors in the light spectrum. This ability connects gemstones to the healing properties of color and the seven chakras, or bodily centers and when used with lamps or by placing them on the body, gemstones can create great waves of healing energy. Ruby gems harness the color red, and therefore possess the power to increase energy and strength, along with influence over organs such as the liver. Amber and opal can expose orange light. These stones can increase the openness of one's mind, leading to more cheerful and creative thinking, along with a positive effect on thyroid difficulties. Yellow is connected with the topaz gemstone and it affects the stomach and liver, in addition to help calm nerves. The emerald gem possesses the qualities of the color green. These properties include promoting harmony and balance, along with the ability to decrease blood pressure. Sapphire and turquoise both are connected with the color blue, which is used for issues with the throat, and is in general a calming and soothing color. Lastly, indigo is actually exposed through diamonds. This gemstone is revealed to help with health issues with blood circulation. The use of gemstones in color therapy is growing in popularity. Some supporters have even declared the use of gemstones as a form of color therapy and it has led to it being a form of therapy in itself. Whether gemstone therapy can stand on its own two feet as a form of therapy is yet to be proven, but support of the use of gemstones is strong.