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Gems have been worn throughout history as valuable symbols of love, power and healing. Gems carry a vibration that can affect our own electromagnetic fields. The molecular structure of gems filter out certain wavelengths as light passes through them, giving them their characteristic colors. Both precious and semi-precious stones can be used to affect character, mood and physical health as follows:

Color Symbolism of White Gems

Color Symbolism and White GemsDiamond, Pearl, Quartz Crystal
White is used to give courage and confidence and to move stagnant energy. White helps to alleviate pain. Diamonds are the hardest gem and are powerful gems for removing negativity. The physical qualities of the diamond mosly origiate from the covalent bonding of the atoms.

Color Symbolism of Black Gems

Black Gem Color SymbolismObsidian, Smoky Quartz
Black symbolizes protection from attack. Black gems help to bring about peace and communion with the infinite. Smokey quartz is a silicon dioxide crystal with a small amount of ferric oxide that creates its characterisitic color.

Color Symbolism of Red Gems

Red Gem Color SymbolismRuby, Garnet, Agate, Carnelian
Red gems symbolize vitality, heat and regeneration. Red gems are helpful for the circulatory system and anemia. Rubies are composed of the mineral corundum (aluminum oxide) combined with the lement chromium.

Color Symbolism of Pink Gems

Pink Gem Color SymbolismCoral, Rose Quartz
Pink gems restore harmony and calm the emotions. Pink gems promote friendship, forgiveness and unconditional love. Coral is created by marine animals living in close communities. The colony secretes a skeleton that later remains as a rock or gem.

Color Symbolism of Orange Gems

Orange Gem Color SymbolismAmber
Orange gems symbolize the restoration of self-wroth and the willingness to forgive. Orange gems assist with the emotions, the immune system, the endocrine and hormonal systems. Amber is fossilized tree resin in many different colors.

Color Symbolism of Yellow Gems

Yellow Gem Color SymbolismTopaz, Citrine, Yellow Zircon
Yellow gems strengthen the nervous system and promote mental clarity. Yellow gems aid the recovery from exhaustion and nervous trauma. Some topaz crystals from Brazil can weigh hundreds of pounds.

Color Symbolism of Green Gems

Green Gems Color SymbolismEmerald, Jade, Tourmaline, Moss Agate
Green gems are used for general healing and to combat jealousy and possessiveness. Green gems help with digestion. Emeralds are composed of the mineral beryl with the green coloration from trace amounts of chromium or vanadium.

Color Symbolism and Blue Gems

Blue Gems Color SymbolismSapphire, Aquamarine, Palis Lazuli, Blue Lace Agate
Bleu gems symbolize idealism, fulfilling a higher will or plan and mental control and clarity. Blue gems help one to accept responsibility. Sapphire can be found naturally or manufactured and is remarkably hard.

Color Symbolism and Indigo Gems

Indigo Gems Color SymbolismSodalite
Indigo gems connect to the imagination and the intuition. Indigo helps to clear the mind and can be a sedative. Sodalite is names after its sodium component. Sodalite is generally blue, though grey, yellow, green or pink are possible.

Color Symbolism and Violet or Purple Gems

Purple Gems Color SymbolismAmethyst, Sodalite, Sugalite
Violet is the color of transformation. Purple connects to the imagination and to creativity and spiritual awareness. Purple helps to release pain. Amethyst was used as a gemstone by the Egyptians and is the birthstone for February.

More Information About Gems and Healing

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