Color Crystals

Color crystals are one of the most used healing accessories in a variety of forms of alternative medicine; the two most prominent being color therapy and crystal therapy. Color crystals are intertwined with the idea of the healing properties of color. It is a popular belief that in alternative medicine, that the healthy function of the mind and body are a result of balanced chakras. When these chakras are unbalanced, and subsequently meaning an individual is unhealthy or ill, using color can help restore this balance. In short, by placing colored crystals on the body or by integrating their use with lamps, color crystals are believed to possess the power to heal. The healing properties of color crystals are different depending on what type of stone are being used.

The study of color crystals has allowed those who practice color and crystal therapy to create elaborate guides on which stones should be used for a particular type of ailment, deficiency or health issue. Intertwined with these theories of healing, is the belief that different stones have different vibrations, which are a key part of their healing ability. Stones such as opal and topaz are stones that are believed to have high vibrations, which is the reason for their use as energizing crystals. A far more calm type of crystal is the grounding crystal. Bloodstone, coral and pietersite are known to be grounding crystals that are believed to stabilize energy and help those with wondering minds from being forgetful or getting lost. Love crystals are believed to have soft vibrations and are believed to help individuals in the attraction of love. Love crystals include apatite and rose quartz. Citrine and bloodstone are known as manifesting crystals and are believed to help the user focus on things that they truly desire. Mediation crystals are very calming crystals, of lower vibration, that include lapis and amethysts. Some crystals, such as diamond or fluorite, are believed to have the power to protect and catch negative energy.

Whether it is in a form of color therapy, crystal therapy, or by simply wearing color crystals, those who attest to the powers of color crystals believe that there is no limit to their healing power, as long as the right type of crystal is chosen. If you need a little energy, grab an opal crystal and if you need to be grounded in your life, pocket a bloodstone crystal. With enough positive energy, crystals may have the power to help.