Centaur Legends

Origination from Greek mythology, the centaur is best described as a race of creatures that are part horse and part human. The name deriving from kentauroi meaning hippocentaur, are mythological creatures that were predominately sought as liminal beings, that were powerful and fought for the side of good amongst humans. The centaurs are known for their very well developed lore and legend. Being the offspring of Ixion, son of Ares, and a cloud, these human horse-like creatures were known for the war and battle like skills, as they could prance quickly to destinations wielding swords and other weapons with magnificent force. Another theory of origin that is not as well-known about centaurs stems from a centaur named Chiron, who was born from Cronus and his mother Philyra, who raised Chiron in a much different way than depicted by the story of Ixion. The centaurs that were believed to stem from Cronus were actually studious creatures that did not lust the feel of battle, but rather the feel of knowledge. Overall, Centaurs were often described as genderless, since they were unable to reproduce, they could only be created by the gods, or magicians, which apparently only made them more ruthless and fearless within the heat of battle.

The most well-known and prominent characteristic of the centaurs in their lore is the centaurs ability to fight in battle with pride and glory, as they were born as fighters and consequently would die as fighters as well. Centaurs were known to be born instantly into adulthood, and immediately would start training. Their training was rigorous, just as Zeus had planned, as these creatures were often sent by Zeus as his minions to carry out his doings, whether it is punishing humans or gods, centaurs were sent to fulfill all of Zeus's demands. Surprisingly, aside from their warlike depiction, centaurs have an amazingly detailed and complex underlying symbolism that is prevalent within the creation of Greek mythology. As these creatures were often believed to be minions of war and violence, many historians believe that these half men half horse creatures were to symbolize the changes humans undergo when in the event of a war. Therefore, symbolizing that humans lose all sense of emotions and furthermore are turned into a creature that is bred for war; leaving behind all forms of human rationality.