Car Symbols

In the world of cars, emblems have grown to be an important part of a car company's branding, marketing, appeal and image. A great deal of history and thought goes into designing a car's emblem. Some companies preferred to make subtle, or direct references to the company's past, whether this be in the form of referring to the owner's hobbies or a special connection to the part of the world where the cars are made. Emblems have also grown to represent a promise of service and pride. Almost every car emblem has a bit of symbolism. Listed below are different car emblems and their meanings.

1. Audi

The four rings on the Audi emblem represent the unification of the four early German automobile companies.

2. BMW

The black ring with the blue and white quarters in the middle symbolizes a spinning propeller which connects to BMW's early history as airplane engine manufacturers. The blue and white represent Bavaria

3. Buick

The three shields found on the Buick emblem signify the Scottish coat of arms of the Buick family.

4. Cadillac

The 6 pointed crown found on the emblem represents French nobility. The 3 birds on the emblem represent the holy trinity while the colors red, silver and blue represents boldness, purity and valor.

5. Chevrolet

The bow-tie emblem was chosen for the Chevrolet emblem because the Chevrolet owner in 1912 had a special interest in the shape.

6. Dodge

The ram found on the Dodge emblem signifies the sure-footed, King of the Trail.

7. Ferrari

The stallion on hind legs most notably found on the Ferrari emblem represents a WWII flying Ace, Fancesco Baracca

8. Infiniti

The infinity symbol was chosen to represent the never-ending comfort of travel and the open road.

9. Lamborghini

The bull found on the Lamborghini emblem symbolizes Ferrucio Lambroghini's passion for bull fighting.

10. Mercedes Benz

The three pointed star on the emblem symbolizes domination of the land, sea and air.

11. Mitsubishi

The three diamonds represent a ship's propellers (the company began as a ship building company).

12. Porsche

The coat of arms found on its emblem represents the city of Stuttgart where Porsches are built.

13. Subaru

The six stars found on the Subaru emblem signify the constellation of Taurus.

14. Toyota

The three ellipses seen on the Toyota emblem represent the heart of the customer, the heart of the product and the expanding technological advancements and opportunities to come.