Animal Signs

Animals are many times depicted in sculptures, paintings, and art. This is because animals are seen to carry symbolic meaning. Many cultures have viewed certain animals as representation of power, god, and the supernatural. Below you will find various animals and the different symbolic meanings that they carry. Alligator/crocodile- The alligator is a powerful creature and stands to symbolize maternal protection.

Buffalo - The buffalo is a very strong and sturdy animal. For this reason it symbolizes strength and stability. In a more broad sense, the buffalo was one of the most commonly hunted and used animals of Native American tribes. For this reason, there is much symbolism between the buffalo and prosperity. Its status as a highly desired food source resulted in other symbolic meanings such as abundance, provision and blessing.

Cougar - The cougar is an animal of balance, possessing both an innate quality of power, while still remaining calm. For this reason it symbolizes leadership without ego, a balance of power, strength, confidence and cunning.

Cow - The symbolism of the cow varies greatly depending on culture, but it is usually a feminine symbol. In some cultures it represents mother earth and the qualities of fertility, nurturing and power. The cow is a lunar symbol in some cultures, explaining for its connection to qualities such as patience and calming.

Frog - The frog is an animal that goes through a great transformation in life, from tadpole to full-grown amphibian. This transformation has led to the use of frogs as symbols for change and new opportunities. This symbol continues into the realm of luck, metamorphosis, renewal and rebirth.

Goose - The goose is often associated with silliness in attitude or in activities that are being done, but there is some goose symbolism that is quite positive. In nature, the goose is a very loyal creature, never abandoning a fellow goose that is hurt or unable to fly. These qualities allow the goose to symbolize determination, communication, fellowship, teamwork, confidence and protection.

Gorilla - The gorilla is an animal very similar to humans, a fact that makes it very unique in the animal kingdom. Gorillas are for the most part mild mannered, peaceful and sociable in their natural habitats. There calm and respectable nature makes them a symbol for intelligence, nobility, dignity, nurturing and responsibility.

Hummingbird - Humming birds have come to represent a variety of things. The never-ending, seemingly never tiring nature of humming birds has led to the connection between humming birds and the concept of infinity. Within this concept of tirelessness, are the connection between the humming bird and energy, vitality, joy, persistence and agility. A hummingbirds never ending journey symbolizes the human need to follow our dreams.

Squirrel - The squirrel is an interesting and spirited animal. It spends much of its time scavenging and saving food for months later, but it is also a very playful animal. There is a contradiction in its nature that allows it to live while balancing two separate identities; that of a diligent worker and that of a playful animal. For this reason the squirrel is often associated with preparation, resourcefulness and prudence. At the same time, however, it is a symbol of energy, socializing and play.